Is Your Floor on an Angle?

img_0007Have you heard the theory of the angled floor? If not, this is great content for you. I first heard of this concept while working at the University of Wyoming under head basketball coach, Larry Shyatt.

The angled floor is a basketball analogy. Visualize a basketball court as a surface balanced in the middle between the offensive and the defensive end. If you want your team to keep the court balanced, then they give optimal effort on both the offensive and defensive end – making for a ‘complete‘ team.

Unfortunately- Players often put themselves before the team. In these types of situations, individuals see the basketball court in a specific way: in most cases, angled towards the offensive end. When the court is angled down towards the offensive end, the player is giving more effort towards one area of their game – the part of the game they want to do.  Visualize it this way.  The offensive end is slanted downward on the angle, meaning the player is running downhill with less resistance.  The defensive end would be on the high side of the uneven floor, making the player run uphill with more resistance.

Think about the most influential athletes of our time.  Those athletes they receive the attention, the ones our students idolize and hope to be.  What names stand out?  The Ones that SCORE.

Unselfish players give the same effort on both ends of the floor. This type of player competes just as hard on defense because they understand it is part of the game they have to do. They run as hard towards the defensive end as they do the offensive end, realizing that champions give optimal effort on both ends of the court. Unselfish players put the team first because they realize that by doing so, everyone is successful.  Now take a second to visualize those athletes that transcend the game.  Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James.  The ones that can domainate the game on both ends of the floor.

Consider your current profession. Place your role on a scale with the things you want to do (offensive end) and things you have to do (defensive end) on opposite ends. Is your floor balanced, or do you find yourself on an angle? Do you work as hard giving as much energy and effort to the things you have to do as you give to the things you want to do? If, through self-evaluation, you find that you are not giving a balanced effort, why not?

In each of our roles, we have every day tasks that we have to do vs the roles that we want to do. Let’s reinvest ourselves to the process every day to bring balance to our role(s) and provide the best support possible for our students. Balance your Floor.

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