Podcast #1….is LIVE


There is a presentation that I’ve given now… I’d say about 10 times titled ‘Communication with the Modern Student’ (or Student-Athlete).  Specifically, how communication is constantly evolving due to the technology that is evolving around it.  If you follow @GaryVee (https://twitter.com/garyvee) then you are well aware of his thoughts on the next evolution of communication:  VOICE.  See –> http://voicecon.co/

I’ve been debating for months now on starting a podcast.  Constantly planning, thinking about how to get onto the voice platform and what I would do once I did.  More importantly, wondering if I could produce enough content to provide a resource to those listening.  I have decided to stop overthinking this process and start creating content.

Debuting for you Today… is the first (of hopefully Many) #LiveMaas podcasts.  The first session is brief, no more than 4 minutes.  Just a quick introduction to what my intent is moving forward with this platform and a little background for those who are new about me.

For those already in the podcast community, or those looking to get into it….  I’m going as low maintenance as I can to try and provide as much ROI as possible.

In terms of specs:  I’m using an iPhone 7Plus for content, and will be using my MacBook Pro for edits.

In my research, the best podcast microphone for iphone can be found here:   Best podcast microphone for iphone

I’ve already set up several interview opportunities with professionals that I feel can bring a great deal of content to the channel.  I think you’ll be excited to hear from them too.  I hope to put out 20-30 minute podcasts rich with experiences, best practices, and networking options.  The entire concept of this podcast is to provide a service to those listening.  I’ll be reaching out to pro’s in Athletics, Higher Education, N4A, NACADA and even the NCAA.

I hope you decide to follow me on this journey as we dive into Voice.  I’m absolutely excited about these next few months as I hope to engage with current friends – but also, try and reach out to many, many more.  It would be amazing if you could help me by not only subscribing to my Podcast – but also – do me the favor of following me on social media and suggesting someone I should interview for my the next #LiveMaas Podcast!

Twitter:  @WesDMaas      Instagram:  @WesDMaas

Podcast: Anchor.fm/wes-maas

By the way – #GaryV is the best in the business right now.  Do yourself a favor, click the YouTube link below.  Who knows, my next step after podcasting might be….  Vlogging??

Until next time – LiveMaas

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