Podcast #15, Krystin Major & Jessica Peterson (Kaplan Partner Solutions)

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Resources, Resources, Resources!  As we strive to bring content to our listeners, it is important that we provide the opportunity for our members to know what additional resources are available in Higher Education.  In this podcast, we catch up with Krystin Major & Jessica Peterson of Kaplan Partner solutions.  Absolutely great content surrounding their humanistic approach to their roles, and it doesn’t hurt that both are ‘retired’ student-athletes.  Catch up with Krystin & Jessica here:

Anchor: https://anchor.fm/wes-maas/episodes/Kaplan-Partner-Solutions-e1udvq

Kaplan Website: https://www.kaptest.com/kaplanpartnersolutions

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Schools who currently use Kaplan as a partner:

  • Ohio State
  • Michigan State
  • Michigan
  • Pitt
  • TCU
  • Texas Tech
  • Oklahoma
  • LSU
  • GaTech
  • Southern Illinois
  • Oregon State
  • Temple
  • Marquette

With a seventy-five year track record of raising student test scores for both college and graduate school admissions, you can rest assured that our proven strategies will work for you.

Using our expertise in STEM instruction, and our groundbreaking approach with supplemental instruction, we actively engage students with our best instructors through office hours, live online classes, self-paced instruction and chat support.

Our performance tracking tools help you identify program trends and any outstanding matriculation and retention issues, and support individual students as they work through our programs.

Our Partnerships

KPS can work with your institution in a number of important areas. Here are some partnership program examples we are currently engaged in:

High School:

  • Public high schools and districts
  • Charter schools
  • GEAR UP and Upward Bound cohorts
  • STEM programs
  • College Access programs

Colleges & Universities:

  • Post-baccalaureate programs
  • Pipeline diversity and summer programs
  • STEM programs
  • Math, chemistry, physics, and education departments
  • Athletic departments

Kaplan Partner Solutions Summary

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