You Actually Can Choose


For many professionals, Sunday mornings are for rest and reflection. For too many, Sunday’s also harbor the inevitable dread that tomorrow is Monday and the work week is about to start up again. Want proof? All you need to do is scroll through social media today. Unfortunately, it is easy to get consumed by the the issues that you know will surface in the upcoming week and before you know it, your Sunday is completely lost to negativity.

I lived in this mental space for several years early in my career as an administrator. Absolutely dreading Monday morning, focusing on the issues and not living in the positivity of the present. I had lost work / life balance, all of my attention was laser like focused on my role as an administrator. This type of mindset had negative affects on my friends and family, but ironically it also hurt my work output.

Looking back, I must have been a miserable friend. I am sure I complained all of the time and brought negative energy to everything I touched. I missed out on special occasions and was often distracted when I was present.

One night, after another regrettable day, I came home with complaints and frustrations. The same complaints and frustrations I had every night, most likely sounding like a broken record. Maybe the same complaints many of you have now.  My wife patiently listened, let me vent – and then offered me a challenge. “If you are so unhappy, find something else that makes you happy and go do it.” It was like a punch to the stomach. Something immediately clicked in my head. I was the one who chose to continue the cycle of negativity each week. It was not the circumstances of my position, my role at the time or even my peers in the office.

I had immediate energy and enthusiasm, it was as if I gave myself permission to pursue opportunities that would enrich not only my life as a professional but also my life outside of the office. It was not to long after that I accepted a role at a new institution. I consider it one of the best choices I have ever made.

For anyone reading this post today who is dreading tomorrow morning, I urge you – watch this piece by Gary Vaynechuck (@garyvee).

You absolutely have a choice. You have opportunity. You have people around you that will help you get where you want to be. Now, this might require some level of risk on your part. It might require additional education or professional development opportunities. You might need to take two steps back to take a positive step forward. Or – to pursue your dreams, You might need to move your entire family exactly 1892 miles across the country.

You actually can choose. Choose to live in the present and attack each day with positivity. Take time today to reflect on where you are, and where you want to be. Then make a choice, it is all up to you after all.

#ComingSoon! An Interview with our N4A President, LSU’s Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes, Kenneth Miles.

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2 thoughts on “You Actually Can Choose

  1. Great post! This is especially helpful for young professionals who are taught this cycle from social media, their peers, and watching the generation before us.


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